We enhance live broadcasts.
We're passionate about providing the best interactive experience to a global online audience with our innovative real time solutions.
About Dancefoundation
We created Dancefoundation out of our love for electronic dance music. Founder Lennart Bader put together his passion for dance music, radio, video and the Internet when he started the company.

Back in time, 'Dancefoundation' was a radio show on a local radio station in the Netherlands. What started as a radio broadcast was rapidly extended with video reports. Not much later, comprehensive streaming and broadcasting projects were transmitted through the Internet.

From 2006 on, Dancefoundation evolved into a full-service multimedia agency. We've developed ground-breaking websites, designed countless cover arts, produced hours of video content, tens of music videos, commercials for radio and TV and all sorts of multimedia designs. We're proud of our accomplishments! Check our portfolio for some highlights.

Since 2013, Dancefoundation operates as an independently-owned company again. We go back to our roots and use everything we've learned to enhance live broadcasts and websites. Our online and real-time solutions aim to provide the best interactive experience for a global audience. While doing so we create unique promotional opportunities.

Our clients vary from individual artists to event organizers, broadcasters and multi-nationals. We are an important and trustworthy player with a strong and growing network in all areas of the electronic dance music industry. Our tailor made solutions maximize reach and global presence.

We love to share this passion with our clients and a global audience.
Our services
We provide innovative solutions that enhance broadcasts and websites. Our live platform enables you to publish items that appear instantly, without refreshing the website. Issuing curated social media posts engages your audience. The resulting social wall or hub encourages fans to share content and hence spread the word.


To artists, event organizers and broadcasters we provide consultancy on how to engage and expand your audience via real-time concepts.


We like to make creative work and make it clean, functional and compelling. Being creative is paramount; it’s what makes us tick.


Our platform is custom made and has proven itself during major broadcasts. Tailor made extensions and licensing is also available.


With the help of our partners, we’re able to produce audio and video broadcasts from any location. Proper hosting and streaming services included.


During broadcasts we provide editorial services by scanning social media and selecting items for instant publication via our platform.

Syndication & Distribution

RadioPush offers next-level distribution and syndication of premium dance radio programming. Including scheduled live streaming of automatically generated video based on the episode audio, and much more.

Contact Us
We'd love to hear from you. We're open for new and exciting projects and partnerships. Feel free to contact us if you think we should work together. We're not a record label and we do not release music, so there is no need in sending us demos. We can't teach you how to dance, either, but we're cool with that.
Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands