Corsten’s Countdown

Back in 2007 Ferry Corsten launched ‘Corsten’s Countdown’ – the first ever interactive electronic dance music (EDM) radio chart show. Corsten’s Countdown is renowned for showcasing the very latest releases and future hits from across the EDM spectrum including trance, house and progressive. Every week Ferry personally selects and presents the freshest dance music to his listeners. Following the climactic close of each show Ferry encourages listeners to vote for their favorite aired tune. The three tracks to receive the most votes are scheduled for a re-run in next week’s Corsten’s Countdown Top 3.

Corsten’s Countdown website

Dancefoundation developed and designed the brand new 2014 Corsten’s Countdown website. The cutting-edge website is powered by our live platform and is capable of hosting both the special live broadcasts as well as the weekly episodes. Fans can vote for their favorite track of this week’s episode, browse through the extensive archive of previous episodes and get more information about the tracks played. The new website was first introduced during the Corsten’s Countdown NYE 2013 special.

Corsten’s Countdown NYE 2013 Special

Celebrating 2013 and launching into 2014 with a bang, that’s what the Corsten’s Countdown New Years Special was all about! With over 216 stations in 50 countries simulcasting, listeners from Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America joined in on the eight-hour live broadcast.  #CC2013 featured interviews with Tommy Trash, Tritonal, Andrew Rayel, Laidback Luke and others. A special live performance by Jenny Wahlstrom, the singer of Ferry Corsten’s single, “Many Ways”, was one of the highlights of the show.

Listeners could not only vote for their favorite tracks, but also help Ferry decide what to order for lunch during the epic ‘New York Food Truck Battle’, that happened spontaneously during the broadcast. Corsten’s Countdown has truly grown to be the most interactive EDM chart show.

Check the archived live website.

Corsten’s Countdown 2013 Summer Special

On Sunday June 2nd, in the capital of the Irish Republic, Ferry Corsten pulled off his third spectacular eight-hour-epic LIVE Corsten’s Countdown special edition, entitled #CCsummer. Drawing a staggering online audience, the subject trended in countries such as Netherlands, UK, Indonesia, Honduras, Brazil, Chile , Argentina, Mexico, Mauritius, Scotland, and the U.S.A. Collectively, through over 20 plus radio partners around the globe and through streaming online and via the official Ferry Corsten smart phone App, the show pushed social media into overdrive.

Dancefoundation’s realtime platform was once again used for interaction and voting.  Through this purpose-built, cutting-edge website, listeners drove the first Summer Special’s playlist, with the broadcast coming to be dubbed ‘the most interactive radio show ever’.

“It’s amazing to see how my fans have stayed and enjoyed my 8 hour special. I’m happy to see how the listeners have grown immensely since my first Corsten’s Countdown special last year. Thank you for being a part of the show!”, Ferry says.

Check the archived live website.

Corsten’s Countdown NYE 2012 Special

Following the success of Corsten’s Countdown 250, Ferry celebrated the end of the year with a New Year’s Special. The 8 hour worldwide radio show was broadcasted live from the Sirius XM Studio’s in New York, USA on December 29th 2012. Dancefoundation developed and managed  the live website, that featured realtime track info, tweets, photo’s, battles and a voting mechanism, that allowed fans to cast their favorite tracks.

Throughout the day exciting interviews, exclusives, battles between two tracks and funny facts were presented during the show. With numerous worldwide trending topics on #cc2012 throughout the 8 hour show, it was truly a global celebration. Near the end of the  broadcast, fans voted their favourite track for the new year. In the final hour of the show, Ferry presented the special CC2012 Top 10 tracks that were most voted for.

Check the archived live website.

Corsten’s Countdown 250

The 250th episode of Corsten’s Countdown was celebrated with a special 8 hour broadcast, live from the Sirius XM Studio’s in New York, USA on April 11th 2012. During the show listeners could vote for their favorite tracks via the interactive track list at the live website and eventually submit their top 3’s. At the end of the 8 hour broadcast, Ferry presented the special CC250 Top 10 tracks that were most voted for.

This was the first Corsten’s Countdown special broadcast. Dancefoundation designed, developed and managed the interactive live website.

Check the archived live website and the video report.